From stagnant and lost to excited and thriving


Do you keep saying “something needs to change.” If this is you, you’re in the right place. I have created the ultimate jump start to your life transformation. Totally revamped from my New Year challenge. It all sparked from me going to the doctor and getting results back saying that I am “overweight”. I shared this on my IG and way too many people responded and said they had a similar situation and that it truly messed with their overall well being and mental state and just spiraled downhill from there.

This is a one stop shop for everything you need to get where you want to go. I will guide you with the power of life coaching COMBINED with a physical health and fitness program to launch you on a path to a whole new life where you are feeling truly fulfilled.

From personal programmed workouts, to goal setting, to life coaching, to creating routines, to accountability and everything in between. I am 100% vested in this 8 week jump start and will do everything in my power to help you turn your life around

The mind and body are connected. When you focus one one and not the other, results are limited. Address them both at the same time and results are multiplied. The start date is when you are serious about your “something needs to change” statements. I am here, ready to get your ass in gear!

We live in a world where everyday societal norms and situations constantly create mental and physical despair.

Below are common ‘inner voice’ narratives that are a product of modern pressures. Do you recognize any?

-You look in the mirror and think you’re not good enough

-You live too much in the ‘why me’ mental state

-Your motivation levels often hit rock bottom

-You aren’t happy with your physical fitness

-You start to get excited about something, but feel unworthy of it

-You talk down on yourself

-You set out to meet a goal (like eat healthy), but fail again and again

-You are disappointed with the way you look

-You make big plans, but fail to follow through

-You start to believe the negative lies you are telling yourself

It doesn’t have to be this way.

There is HOPE!

You need a mental and physical challenge that will push you to break bad habits.

For years I was my own worst enemy. I went through a very traumatic time in my life where I did things I was not proud of.

For a long time afterward I was constantly talking down to myself. Beating myself up daily and limiting every ambition I ever had.

But I learned how to break free from these limiting beliefs. By getting out of my comfort zone, challenging myself, developing healthy habits, and leaning on my support system.

That’s what I designed this challenge to be for you!

What to expect

When you sign up for the 8-Week New Me jump start, you are setting out on a transformation journey. 

Here is what the jump start offers:

3-5 Workouts/Wk

45-60 min each

Building Sustainable Habits

Learn to work with yourself, not against yourself

1 Life Coaching Session/Wk

45-50 min each

Lifestyle Transformation

New & Improved Mindset, relationships and wellbeing

Convenient Timing

Now is always the best time

Find What Works For You

There is no ONE way to do anything

Community Support

FB Group


Regular check-ins

Life Coaching Testimonials

“I have had the privilege of working with Bryleigh as my coach and my experience was fantastic! She has made a positive impact on my life. I love her down-to-earth personality and she listens without judgement making you feel heard. She is a passionate, knowledgeable and genuinely invested coach.”

Lindsay S.

“Your coaching sessions were so fulfilling, I felt my energy shift after every session and much more commitment with myself. I was in a safe space and completely seen and understood thanks to your full presence.

You helped me gaining motivation and overcoming hard moments that were obstacles for my goals. I’m really grateful for all the help and I’ll always be excited to see you again”

Sandra M.

“Bryleigh is my current life coach and I have found so much value in the weekly chance to check in on what I need, how I can keep improving, and where I want to go. She has asked me the perfect questions to get to my next right step. I’m recommending her to ALL of my friends who feel a little stuck, or less excited about life than they could be. Highly recommend!”

Ruby G.

“I did not have a good handle on life during the winter of 2022 into 2023, my last semester of medical school. I was constantly stressed, worrying about the next deadline, and I often felt like I was not present or able to enjoy the moments in front of me. Sometimes, the worry would lead to panic.

A part of me knew I needed professional help and/or medication, but I’ve always been reluctant to “carry a diagnosis” or take a daily pill, especially for a mental health condition. No judgment here, but this is something I want to control for myself in non-pharmaceutical ways for personal reasons.

In all honesty, I was struggling, with frequent panic attacks, and task fatigue, in which the stress of having a million obligations and tasks would result in me accomplishing the bare minimum while worrying about everything that needed to get done.

I’m far from perfect, but during my first 12 weeks with Bryleigh, we worked on a lot and accomplished A LOT. She began the coaching program with a full assessment of all areas of my life. During this, we identified which broad categories I could work on and improve in, which allowed me to set realistic goals to accomplish.

Every single week, Bryleigh’s calls added value to my life, and here are just a few of the things that we have worked together on accomplishing:

-I have implemented a morning routine that helps me feel simultaneously calmer and more awake, and focuses on doing something I enjoy, rather than immediately beginning my obligations for the day.

-I have reframed my mindset to see completing chores and tasks as an investment in my future self, as opposed to letting them be a constant source of anxiety, which allows me to get things done sooner with less stress.

-I have gained the ability to worry less about the future and concentrate more on the present, focusing on what is within my control to change.

-I have learned how to have hard conversations and do hard things without spending time and energy dreading them.

-I’ve learned how to communicate better and navigate life better with my spouse. I have gained the skill of restructuring the way I view things and go about getting things done to better understand the way others go about their lives.

-I have started to unlearn some of my thought processes, like forgoing fun to continually accomplish tasks. Not only am I more productive now, but I also find myself enjoying life more.

Another cool objective finding was that my average heart rate went down 6 beats per minute during my first 12 weeks working with Bryleigh, without me changing any other factors, WITH a cross-country move and while starting my medical residency program. I decided to invest in myself and my health this spring, and it’s honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. The sessions have been worth every penny, and I will continue to work with Bryleigh in the future.

Working with a life coach wasn’t something I knew I needed, and the scope of what they can help you with is so much broader than I had initially thought. I am so grateful that I met Bryleigh through GRID league, and through her DBAB content, I knew that she had the mentality that I wanted in a coach.  It is truly incredible the extent to which my first 12 weeks with Bryleigh have changed my life for the better and I’m excited to continue working with her moving forward.”

Kendall L.

“I was very new to coaching when I first was introduced to Bryleigh but after a couple of months with her I now know the benefits of coaching and how it impacted the amount of progress and success I had. She really helped me hold myself accountable for my goals and the success I wanted to have. I’ve come a long way today and I believe being coached by her helped me take action and get there much faster! I wanted a coach with character, kindness, empathy and a sense of humor and that’s exactly what I got!🌟

Nicole J.

“When I jumped into this adventure with you, I had expectations of what I thought would happen and what I thought I would “get out of our sessions.”  Simply enough, I have been blown away by what I gained from this time with you.  I looked forward to talking with you each week and letting you know what highlights (and sometimes lowlights) I had experienced since we talked.  We touched on topics that I had buried so far down I never thought I needed to see them again.  Thank goodness to all things we did!  My biggest take away is the mental clarity that I didn’t even realize I had lost over time.  I now feel like I have a strong handle on taking on each day with a fresh new light and confidence.  I can’t wait to continue our journey and see where else I go from here!!”

Mandi M.




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