Life Coaching

This is the heart and soul of your overall wellbeing. You can achieve peak physical fitness and your ideal body, yet still feel emotionally drained.. I can relate because I’ve experienced it firsthand. Working on your mindset and embracing a positive approach to life is the ultimate key. Once you unlock this, all other aspects of your life will naturally fall into alignment.

The details:

  • Minimum commitment required: 8 session package for optimal impact. Each session will last 45-60 minutes.
  • First session: Full wheel of life audit and exploration of all life areas
  • Identify roadblocks and determine the starting point
  • Utilize trial and error to discover effective strategies
  • Create life changing daily habits
  • Focus on what resonates best with you (there is no right or wrong way)
  • Witness the ripple effect as positive changes manifest in all areas of your life.
  • Must go through 15-30 minute FREE discovery call
  • Full access to text and email with any and all questions

The ‘one-off session’ (60-75 min):                                                       

Often times people just need a good outside perspective on one specific topic or objective they want to achieve, but feel what they implement or have tried falls shy. In my one-off sessions, with my expertise and 100% listening and understanding, we as a team, will come up with specific action steps you can take with you from our session to start implementing on your own. All you need to do is come prepared with the topic at hand!


Fitness Coaching

If you’re content with your mindset and overall life outlook, that’s incredible! Get ready to conquer inspiring fitness milestones as we join forces. Whether you aspire to boost strength or shed unwanted weight, we will collaborate to design a personalized workout routine that perfectly aligns with your ultimate fitness goals.

The details:

  • Remote and in-person options (Ft. Lauderdale area)
  • Minimum 8 week commitment
  • First week will be a testing week of basic movements, strength and stamina levels
  • Personalized to YOU and your specific overall goal (ie; weight loss, muscle gain, athletic performance)
  • Regular progress tracking and goal setting to stay motivated and accountable
  • Emphasis on proper form and technique to maximize results and prevent injuries
  • Full access to text and email with any and all questions
  • I do not require a discovery call for fitness programming. (Please email with any and all questions along with overall goal)

*note: I highly recommend a minimum of 12 weeks for all programs to truly feel and see the optimum results. 


11 + 1 =

With me as your coach

I will help you with a lot of things… but it starts with changing that relentless negative mindset. That is the foundation to powerful positive change.

Other benefits include (but are not limited to)…

Mental Clarity

Rewarding New Habits

Clear Direction

Better Relationships


Self Awareness

Health & Fitness

Less Frustration/Anxiety

Looking & Feeling Amazing




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